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Building an Innovation Culture

Leaders are urgently aware of the need to do “something about the innovation culture”, to change the pace of innovation to replace decaying products, services and business models and to raise performance and generate new value. But just what is an "innovation culture" and what form should action take?
Organisations are currently underperforming in terms of their real, potential innovation capacity. This is due to at least 4 dominant, interconnected issues: low levels of workforce engagement, micromanagement, a tendency to only adopt ideas that fit the current business model and a focus on doing things right, rather than trying to do the right thing.

A culture is a behavioural system that either helps or gets in the way as the market changes and customer expectations shift. A culture can either enable or block innovative behaviours.
The issue is how to create new innovation capacity, to unlock potentially innovative behaviours within our culture at a time when people are just to…

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